T102W – Mobility Series (Tablet)

Key Features

  • 10.1’’ Capacitive touchscreen
  • Perfect-flat, zero-bezel, splash resistant front face
  • Intel Z8550 CPU
  • Memory / Storage : 4Gb RAM / SSD 64Gb
  • I/O ports: 1x USB / 1x Audio / 1x POGO Docking
  • Wifi, Bluetooth
  • POS Options : MSR, barcode scanner, shoulder strap, docking station.

The Eclipse™ T102W tablet comes standard with a 10.1’’ projected capacitive touchscreen, and meets most point-of-sale software’s specifications for a “cash register” configuration. The T102W tablet offers a variety of options for point-of-sales, warehousing and retail stores, such as: Magnetic stripe car reader, 2D barcode scanner, shoulder strap and a docking station. In fact, the T101W-D station has a number of I/O ports to meet your accessories connectivity requirements. Offered standard with an hand-held strap in the back, the T102W can easily be used on the go between points of service.