Key Features

  • Designed for the POS industry: Up to 5x RS232 COM-Ports !
  • Offered with the latest Intel CPU technology
  • Mini-Tower. server, desktop or mini form factor
  • Available in SSD or hard drive configurations
  • Standard with Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro available

Drivers available directly from manufacturer’s web sites, ASUS or Gigabyte.

Designed and engineered for the demanding requirements of the POS market, our systems have been tested and proven through many deployments in a vast number of SMB, grocery stores, restaurants, drug stores, convenience stores, etc.
The top quality of our PC systems rests foremost on the rigorous selection of key components and our association with key manufacturers such as Gigabyte, Asus, Kingston, Seagate, etc. All PC OEM systems built by GenPOS are offered in a number of configurations to respond to the different needs of our POS industry at all levels such as at the POS, the back-office or the workgroup server.